Monday, 13 January 2014

The Hellbook [A Personal Account]


Hey everyone!

So you're back for more?

Well I suppose it's time I explained a few things to you.

You've heard of the reference we've been using for some 'special' operatives, right? Yup, 'Bees'.

So it seems every Bee has special powers, true magic shit. Agent H, she can conjure energy blades out of thin air, and Agent I? His power is that of Electricity.

So what's my power? What do I being to this Avenging X-Men League of Justice?

Well initially I didn't think anything at all. I knew that I was 'immortal' in the whole "Can't Die" sense of the word, and able to traverse the Hollow Earth of Agartha, but other than that I was drawing up a big fat fucking zero!

Seriously, I felt like Nathan for most of the first series of Misfits!

Then we went to Hell...

Now I don't mean 'went to Hell' as in "this town is going to Hell", no as in literally bought a ticket to the plain of fucking fire and brimstone!

But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. You remember before I was talking about that Motel and the missing dude? Yeah well this is where we ended up, turns out the dude managed to punch a whole in the fabric of our universe into another.

I know how it sounds, like something out of Event Horizon, but it's true.

So following in his tread we took a trip to the Deep Deep South where we met all manner of foul fucking Demon, but while there I stumbled across something.

Bound in flesh and inked in blood I think would be the traditional description, but nah hits nothing that bad, just a book, the writing within it seemed to be almost burning, little sparks of light across the black ink.

I've come to call it The Hellbook, and scrawled within in a long lost demonic language is more than I can possibly imagine.

Seriously, I've been able to decipher about one tenth of this book, the rest alludes me.

What I have been able to read are incredible spells, actual rites that tap into the very power of blood itself.

I know some reading this might be put off, maybe even scared for me, but it turns out that this is my power! After so many failed attempts to bend spoons with my mind, my power is actually that of demonic rites!

You see the first thing I did was write down the spells I found and what they did; the ability to heal almost any wound, or boiling the blood of your enemy into dust.

I showed these notes to Agent H, but all she saw was nonsense squiggles that resembled cacti and upside down Ys. I didn't get it before, I even tried explaining the words to her, but she told me that all I said was a garbled mix of English and the hell-speak we had from the Demons.

So that was my power right there.

I didn't know the full extent of it, and fuck me even now I still don't, but it's getting better, with every day more and more of the book is being translated right before my eyes!

Shit, I don't know if it's my ability getting stronger that allows me to read more, or if in fact it's the book letting me, but I seem tied, connected to it, and the things I have learned!

Ok I'll have to leave the rest for another time, my connection is super unstable right now, but I'll catch up with you soon.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lost Hours



Shit guys! It's been ages!

So Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you! Have a good one?

Listen, shit is starting to get real!
As in really real!

It's the Company, I wondered about telling you this at risk of my own integrity being compromised, but with holding information is not something I set out to create this blog.

Nope it's full disclosure or nothing at all.

That's why I've been quiet recently, trying to figure out how best to talk about this shit.

So yeah, the Company.

Fuck, it turns out they've been following this blog and after a rather painful experience in Q&A decided they wanted to let me keep this blog going, that they would turn a blind eye on the condition that I alerted them to anyone who would be of use to them.

Fuck... This sounds like a major confession in my head.

Anyway, to those of you who have been seeking knowledge, your identity is safe. The same protection I have running to keep the Orochi scanners off my ass also protect your information from me. So I will not know about you unless you want me to.

So yeah, that's pretty much it.

Oh shit, and of course the reason they want me to send out this transmiss[COUGH] transmission.

You see, they are tired with my narrative take on what happened, the events and people.
They'd rather instead I cover case studies, or recount specific events in detail rather than a general over view.

Something along the lines of "Putting more eyes out there". They think that if I stick to the more relevant facts and figures, then that info will sink in more, people will be more aware, and the more aware you all are, the more useful you'll all be to them.

That's what KG my handler said anyway.

Personally I think she likes reading the streams and is bored reading info that she's already read over in my reports.

So yeah .

I can't say I agree with the move, I think when you remove the connections between the facts and figures they loose their relevance, but I've been told to jump, and it's either that it I join Agent H in writing indepth reports on Venice, and trust me, you don't want to do that.

[COUGH] [COUGH] excuse me, I've got a bit of a cold.

Again, I'm sorry for any deception, but trust me, you are safe with me, and together we will fini